What are the criteria for becoming a host?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a WWOOF host.

In order to treat each application fairly, we have established a list of requirements to become a host.

To become (and remain) a host:

  • You must participate in some form of organic farming, either for your own consumption and / or that of your family, or for your income;
  • You support sustainable living practices (for example by using renewable energies, eco-construction techniques, etc...);
  • You are eager to pass on your knowledge to motivated people who will sometimes come from another country or culture;
  • You are able to guarantee to WWOOFers:
    • Three meals a day in sufficient quantity, even on rest days;
    • Warm, dry, clean and safe housing;
  • You must be able to maintain your activity without the help of WWOOFers (their help is appreciated but should not replace an employee).
  • You see WWOOFers as equals, not subordinates or employees.

For your application to be approved:

  • Your profile must have at least three photos;
  • Your profile must indicate in its description:
    • The list of activities offered to WWOOFers: sowing, weeding, harvesting, processing, etc.
    • The course of a typical day: participation in the activities (more info), time / organization of meals, etc
  • Your profile must NOT contain contact details in the description (phone, email, address, link to personal site);
  • The activities proposed to WWOOFers must be mainly of agricultural nature (production, processing, etc.). Eco-construction is authorized but must be secondary and linked to agricultural activity (fence, chicken coop, restoration of a barn...). Activities such as cleaning a guesthouse or a campsite, helping with cooking for commercial purposes, serving in the dining room or welcoming customers are prohibited and may be the subject of membership termination.