What should I do if I get too many visit requests from WWOOFers?

A large number of WWOOFers may contact you, especially during the summer or the high growing season where you live. Out of respect, and as stipulated in the WWOOFing Code of Conduct, you must reply to all messages.

However, there are solutions to reduce the flow of messages:

  • At the top of your description on your host profile, add a sentence such as "We are full for the period from X to Y, please do not contact us for these dates."
  • Update your calendar on your host profile to uncheck the months of the year when you are full. For example, uncheck "July" if you are full that month. This should greatly reduce requests for stays during that period. Remember, however, to reactivate the unchecked months for the following year!
  • You can hide your host profile for a short time.