What can I do if I am not getting enough visit requests from WWOOFers?

Many factors can impact the number of visit requests you get. Some of them are outside your control such as the “attractiveness” of the region your farm is located in or the type of farming activities you offer to WWOOFers. 

However, there are a few things you can do to receive more visit requests:

  1. Make sure to upload several photos, showing both your fields, animals, the buildings and the people living on site. WWOOFers also appreciate seeing a photo of the place where they will sleep.
  2. Choose your cover photo wisely. The cover photo is the first one WWOOFers will see from the host list. Close-ups, dark or low quality photos might keep WWOOFers from checking out your profile.
  3. Improve your description: keep it friendly, directly address your potential WWOOFers, and give as much information as possible on what they will be learning with you.
  4. Translate your description: if you speak several languages, make sure to translate your description into those languages. Foreign WWOOFers truly appreciate the effort.
  5. Remove restrictions: avoid overly restrictive criteria that might turn WWOOFers away. For instance, if you specified on your profile that stays must last at least one month, many WWOOFers won’t contact you because many WWOOF stays last 1-2 weeks. The same logic applies to restrictions on diets, pets, children, etc.

All search results in the host directory are sorted to show first hosts who have received the least amount of visit requests. That way, each host has an equal opportunity to be contacted.