What should I include in my host profile?

Your host profile should be written to help WWOOFers to get a clear idea of what to expect:

  • Talk about yourself, your family, your lifestyle;
  • Explain your project and why sustainable agriculture is important to you;
  • Describe the activities in which WWOOFers can participate;
  • Give some details about the climate and terrain of your farm;
  • Present the leisure and tourist attractions in the area;
  • List the rules to follow;
  • Be specific about your expectations (schedules, participation in the tasks of everyday life);
  • Post photos of you, your place (garden, animals, accommodation, etc), and photos with WWOOFers, if you have any;
  • If possible write your description in several languages.

Be careful also to respect the following rules: 

  • Disclose on your profile and in communication with WWOOFers if your host farm is also a religious or spiritual organization, and if any religious practices, events or behaviors are required of visitors to the farm.
  • WWOOF will not tolerate any form of harassement or discrimination based on the nationality, origin, age, sex, gender, religion, sexual orientation or political affiliation of WWOOFers. This is valid both for your profile and throughout your WWOOF membership.