How do I accept or decline a visit request from a WWOOFer?

Each time a WWOOFer submits a visit request, you’ll get a notification via email. By clicking on the link inside the email, you’ll be taken directly to the visit request in your inbox. 

From the visit request page, you will see two options for answering: “accept” or "decline". By default, a request is set to “maybe”, which means you haven’t given an answer yet. You may continue to send as many messages/questions as you’d like to the WWOOFer while keeping your answer set as “maybe”.

When you reach an agreement with the WWOOFer, you can "accept" the request. If you wish to decline the request, select “decline” instead. Note that to submit your answer you must send a message as well.

Once you have accepted, the WWOOFer can choose to "confirm" their stay with you or "cancel" if their plans have changed. 

The WWOOFer confirmation will automatically update the calendar on your profile to indicate that you’re hosting a WWOOFer on the days specified inside the visit request. Note that both you and the WWOOFer may update the dates of a visit request at any time.