Do I need insurance?

Yes, it is required to be properly insured for WWOOFing activities when joining. We encourage all WWOOFers to have travel medical insurance to cover illness or other unexpected travel issues. In some countries, hosts may ask to see proof of insurance when WWOOFers arrive, if desired.

Many hosts have some types of coverage in their homeowner’s, farm, or other insurance policies, but it is their responsibility to confirm the insurance they have covers their participation in WWOOF and assume responsibility for any risks.

If you already have insurance, it is your responsibility to check that it will cover your activities while participating in WWOOF. 

Some WWOOF groups include some type of insurance automatically when you join, while others may offer additional travel or liability and accident coverage as a membership add-on option, where available (see below).

Each country’s ability to provide or offer insurance is different, so please check what is being offered during membership registration, confirm that you have sufficient coverage and do additional research on other options if you need extra coverage.

Insurances included with membership

The following WWOOF groups automatically enroll WWOOFers in their insurance policy:

  • WWOOF Italia's Liability & Personal Accident Insurance (learn more)
  • WWOOF Portugal's WWOOFer insurance (learn more)
  • WWOOF Spain's WWOOFer insurance (learn more)
  • WWOOF-USA’s Accident Insurance Policy (learn more)

Please note, these policies differ from one country to another. When available, we encourage WWOOFers to take add-on insurances (see below).

Optional add-on insurances

Some WWOOF groups allow WWOOFers to purchase additional insurances as an add-on. These insurances can be purchased along with the membership fee of each country, and they are valid for a period of 12 months.

Enhanced MembershipVolunteer Card
AvailabilityWWOOF Belgium
WWOOF Canada
WWOOF France
WWOOF Greece
WWOOF Hungary
WWOOF Independents
WWOOF Ireland
WWOOF Netherlands
WWOOF Norway
WWOOF Portugal
WWOOF Sweden
CoverageLiability & Accident
Medical, Accident & Travel
ProcurementMembership add-on
Membership add-on
Validity12 months12 months
DetailsOnce purchased, coverage is valid in all WWOOF countries, except those excluded on the product information document.

To learn more about included coverage and restrictions, please check the insurance product information.
To learn more about included coverage and restrictions, please check the insurance plan options.