What visa do I need?

If you are traveling as a foreign national, please be aware that WWOOF cannot help you obtain a visa. It may benefit you to secure your visa first, and then join WWOOF.

Most foreign WWOOFers visit using a tourist visa; however, it is your responsibility to determine the correct visa for your trip. Please keep in mind that WWOOF is not paid work or volunteering.

WWOOFing is an educational and cultural experience, and WWOOF members are guests of their hosts. Most countries have extremely strict labor and immigration laws that prohibit foreign nationals from “working” or “volunteering” in a country without a specific visa. Most international WWOOFers communicate their intentions to visit the country to immigration officials and enter without any problems. However, if you say that you are coming to “volunteer” or “work” on a farm and you don’t have a work visa, immigration probably WILL NOT LET YOU ENTER. 

Additionally, please note that when entering through immigration, you cannot enter as a “WWOOFer,” as the meaning of this may be misunderstood by immigration officials. If you say you are “WWOOFing”, you will most likely be turned away and not allowed to enter the country. Please take this into consideration and plan your visit accordingly. If you are traveling as a foreign national from another country, please be aware of this important distinction: as a WWOOFer, you are a TOURIST, NOT a WORKER or VOLUNTEER.

Please understand the laws and clearly communicate your intentions when you enter the country. WWOOF is not responsible for any problems you may experience with immigration.