How do reviews work?

We encourage all members to share their feedback at the end of each visit. Reviews are essential to foster trust and transparency within the WWOOF network.

To post a review, you must be an active or past member of WWOOF. Log in to your account, then click the Write a review button on the relevant host or WWOOFer profile.

You will then have the opportunity to write a public review, as well as a private note to the attention of the WWOOF team. Your host or WWOOFer will then receive an email informing them that you have left a review on their profile (without being able to read its content), and inviting them to write a review on your profile.

To promote honest and unbiased feedback, reviews are only posted after both the host and the WWOOFer have written their review, or when the 14-day review period has ended.

Once this period has passed, it is still possible to reply to the review on your page, but it is no longer possible for you to write a review on the WWOOFer's or the host's profile.