How do I report a problem or concern?

If you believe that a member is not respecting the WWOOF Charter, or if you had a WWOOFing experience that does not comply with our Membership Terms, let us know.

Member feedback is essential to maintaining a healthy network, and we take it seriously. Therefore, we have a complaints procedure and safeguarding incident review process in place. For minor issues, a simple reminder of WWOOF’s guidelines may be sufficient. For more serious or repeated offenses, we have a disciplinary procedure that can result in a warning or exclusion. For more details, please check the Membership Terms of the national WWOOF organization you are part of.

Leave a review

We encourage you to leave a review on the member's profile that complies with our review policy. You will be given the opportunity to write a public review, as well as a private note to the attention of the WWOOF team. 

Our team regularly reads new reviews posted by members. When a review requires our attention, we contact both parties and take appropriate action immediately.

Reviews, therefore, not only let future hosts and WWOOFers know about your experience but also make it possible to alert the WWOOF team.

Make a report

As an alternative to writing a review where you can leave a private note for the team, you can reach your local WWOOF organization through the contact form. Although we are not available 24/7, we will respond as soon as possible. 

Our teams take every report seriously, including cases of discrimination, harassment, or gender-based and sexual violence.