Why should I pay to become a member?

Although there is no financial exchange between hosts and WWOOFers, the WWOOF network needs funds to continue its work and maintain a quality network.

We have chosen not to display ads on our websites. Your data remains with us and is not sold to anyone. "Free" online services are often supported by advertising from companies at odds with our values.

Annual dues paid by the members of our organization allow us to:

  • Maintain our websites and our servers
  • Answer questions from members
  • Review host applications on a case-by-case basis
  • Review and approve every comment left by members
  • Settle disputes between WWOOFers and hosts
  • Conduct regular inspections of hosts
  • Finance agricultural projects that are important to us
  • Organize events to promote WWOOFing and organic farming
  • Collaborate and support other WWOOF Organizations