I've sent out several messages but I have not received a response yet. What should I do?

Hosts can sometimes be very busy on the farm, especially during the summer.

Here are some useful tips when communicating with hosts:

  • We recommend contacting at least five hosts to get one positive response. This is especially true if you plan on WWOOFing during the summer or if you plan your trip less than a month in advance.
  • New hosts (indicated with a ‘new’ badge on their profile) are often less popular than veterans, so you'll be more likely to do last minute WWOOFing with them.
  • Make sure your first exchange with the host is personal and friendly, showing that you have read their profile carefully. Give details about yourself, why you like WWOOFing, and why you chose them. We strongly advise against sending generic "copy and paste" messages to the hosts as they will notice and probably won't answer you.
  • We insert a link to your WWOOFer profile in each message sent to hosts. They will be more likely to respond if your profile is complete and up to date.
  • If you do not have an answer after several days, send a second message. Your persistence will show the host that you are really interested in their farm.
  • If you could not find a host after a few days, pick another 3-5 hosts and repeat the process.