What does a host membership cost?

It depends where your farm is located. All national WWOOF organizations are separate entities and you need to join the organization of your country.

All memberships are valid for one year and include a personalized profile published to the online host directory, access to member reviews, and online messaging tools.

CountryMembership Fee
Canada35-65 CAD (sliding scale)
Chile10 USD
Czech Republic
20 EUR
Denmark15 EUR
30-35 EUR
Germany30 EUR
Greece19 EUR
20 EUR
Independents [1]0-30 EUR (sliding scale)
Ireland40 EUR
Italy35 EUR
Netherlands25 EUR
Norway30 EUR
Portugal32 EUR
Romania5 EUR
30 EUR
Sweden45 EUR
Switzerland11 CHF
Togo8 EUR
Turkey400-1200 TRY (sliding scale)
USA30-50 USD (sliding scale)

[1] Hosts located in the 80+ countries without a national organization are listed on the WWOOF Independents website, which is directly managed by the Federation of WWOOF Organizations (FoWO). WWOOF Independents’ members can contact hosts in any of those countries.