What is WWOOF's review policy?

WWOOF encourages all members to share their feedback. Our organization operates largely on trust and on open, honest, and clear communication. Reviews should therefore be factual, useful to both the reviewee and the WWOOF community.

All reviews are read by our team. If a review is reported in violation of this policy, we may have to delete or edit it. Repeated violations may result in the suspension or permanent deactivation of the account concerned.

Violations of the review policy include, but are not limited to, the following actions:

  • Posting insulting or hateful comments, or personal attacks;
  • Posting content unrelated to WWOOFing;
  • Posting personal opinions;
  • Posting unfounded rumors or other information from third parties;
  • Sharing private conversations without having obtained permission from the person you were speaking with;
  • Sharing personal data (email, address, phone number...);
  • Submitting a review on behalf of a third party;
  • Submitting a review about a member with whom you have not had a WWOOFing-related interaction.

Report a review that violates our policy

To report a review that conflicts with our review policy, please contact us.

If you think a review is untrue

We expect members to provide objective and accurate information. However, WWOOF does not intervene in disputes relating to the veracity of a review, though you can respond to a review.