What is WWOOF’s anti-harassment policy?

WWOOF stands against any kind of harassment or violence and makes continuous efforts so that everyone can feel safe while WWOOFing. 

WWOOFing is often a meeting between individuals of different cultures, ages and social backgrounds. Misunderstandings happen and we are all growing. Sharing daily life with strangers requires extra care regarding communication and setting appropriate boundaries with one another from the start.  Hosts must be especially mindful of their responsibility towards WWOOFers , as WWOOFers rely on hosts for accommodation, meals, and sometimes transportation.

Harassment based upon an individual’s sex, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion or any other characteristic will not be tolerated by WWOOF organizations. All members, including hosts and WWOOFers, are expected and required to abide by this policy. 

Harassment is persistent unwanted or unsolicited attention which is disturbing or pestering. Harassment is not limited to the sexual realm, and all forms are unacceptable. This includes unwanted teasing, displays of affection or admiration, touching, flirtatious or sexual behaviors, conversations into personal relationships or sexual preferences, or any other persistent demand for an individual's attention.

Any reports of harassment or assault between members  will be investigated by the pertinent WWOOF organization, dealt with as appropriate, and may be cause for membership being suspended or revoked.